A Fourth Arrest and a Mug Shot Turned Out Pretty Well for Donald Trump’s Bottom Line

He may ultimately end up in prison, but he’s got money in the bank.
Donald Trump
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In a rational society, most people would agree that being indicted four times, on 91 felony counts ranging from obstruction of justice to conspiracy to defraud the United States, should render someone ineligible to be president. Or, if not making them ineligible, it should at least translate to their having absolutely no chance whatsoever at becoming president again, because no one in their right mind would cast a vote for such a candidate. That, of course, is not the current situation in the United States, where Donald Trump is not only contending for the GOP nomination, but also lapping the competition. And if you thought his supporters would maybe start to question his fitness to be POTUS again after the third or fourth indictment, you thought very wrong! They are still all in—and are also sending him a bunch of their money.

Yes, in a turn of events that future generations will undoubtedly read about with extreme cringe, Trump had his single biggest fundraising day following his arrest in Georgia, according to the Trump campaign. That record was set on Friday, the day after the ex-president surrendered in Fulton County and had his mug shot taken, with donations clocking in at $4.18 million. (According to Politico, as of Saturday evening, the total haul stood at $7.1 million.) That boost presumably was due in large part to Team Trump circulating the ex-president’s mug shot—a first in US presidential history—as widely as possible. Almost immediately following his booking, the Trump campaign started selling a line of goods featuring the ex-president’s mug shot and the phrase “NEVER SURRENDER,” with products for sale including T-shirts ($34), bumper stickers ($12 for a set of two), and beverage insulators ($15 for a pair). Taking to X for the first time since he was banned from the site when it was known as Twitter, Trump shared his mug shot with a link to his website, which is encouraging people to “make a contribution to evict Crooked Joe Biden from the White House and SAVE AMERICA during this dark chapter in our nation’s history.” 

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In an email sent Friday, the Trump campaign included the ex-president’s booking number—P01135809—and asked supporters: “…how many are willing to be arrested as an INNOCENT MAN for refusing to bend a knee before the corrupt political ruling class?” A spokesperson for the campaign told NBC News, “Organic money has skyrocketed, especially after President Trump tweeted out the picture along with the website.”

In other news vis-à-vis the accused, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said over the weekend that he didn’t appreciate the “royal treatment” his ex-boss received in the lead-up to his surrender in Georgia. “I was appalled, to be honest with you, while watching the news and watching how Donald was brought to the Fulton County Jail,” Cohen told MSNBC. “Forty-motorcade in New Jersey, forty-motorcade in Georgia. Why? He’s nothing more than an indicted defendant. How much money did it cost the American taxpayers? How much money did it cost the people of Atlanta in order to put all the police officers? For what? For this man to roll up like he’s, you know, Caesar coming through the gates of Rome after victory? He is an indicted defendant on 91 counts. He should not be given this sort of royal treatment.”