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And Just Like That… Here’s What We Need in Season 3

Get Carrie back into the dating pool (for real this time!), unleash Lily and Brady, and please, please bring back Samantha.
‘And Just Like That… Heres What We Need in Season 3
From Craig Blankenhorn/Max.

And just like that, the adventures of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Seema, Lisa, Nya, and (maybe??) Heyyy It’s Che Diaz will continue for at least 10 more episodes. This is, of course, welcome news for the die-hard Sex and the City aficionado—but slightly tough to square with the second season finale of And Just Like That…, which wrapped things up just about as tightly as Giuseppe’s Hot Fellas uniform. So what exactly do the SATC obsessives at Vanity Fair want to see when Max’s best chronicle of the one percent (sorry, The Gilded Age!) returns again? We’ve got a few ideas.

Have Carrie put herself out there again…sort of

Now that Carrie and Aidan are on a (frankly bizarre) five-year break, it would be interesting to see Carrie figure out what dating looks like when there’s a clock ticking down to romantic reunion. Will she even bother? She’d have to, to keep And Just Like That… rollicking along, and I’m intrigued to see how she explains this weird arrangement to potential suitors. Or maybe the show jumps five years and we’ll simply be watching Carrie and Aidan in boring, contented love, and will have to find entertainment in Charlotte’s tailspin about Lily and Brady’s impending shotgun wedding. —Richard Lawson

Let Lily and Brady Happen

Like Carrie, I am largely letting go of expectations when it comes to this show—but devoting more than a single episode to the potential romance between Lily and Brady feels like a no-brainer. This is less about AJLT morphing into Gossip Girl 3.0 than a desire to watch Charlotte and Miranda continuously spiral over their kids hooking up—which we all agree they absolutely did, right?! Leaning fully into this storyline is the very spirit of the revival—a marriage between new dynamics and nostalgia for the original series. Plus, it would keep sweet, Cyclone-fearing Steve safely in the fold for many episodes to come. —Savannah Walsh

Make Charlotte and Lisa the main characters, please!

There was always fun in the flailing that so endeared us to the women of Sex and the City. So even though I’m rooting hard for Miranda to get her corporate girl groove back, or for Seema to open her heart, or for Nya to put these Tinder bros in their place, or frankly, for Carrie to do anything interesting beyond emailing her ex, I think we can all agree that season three should belong to Charlotte York and Lisa Todd Wexley. Max can even rename the show The Real Milfs of the Upper East Side if they must. This past season has managed to become reliably funny, and it’s because Lisa and Charlotte are carrying the jokes-per-minute on their Pilates-sculpted backs! If one doesn’t need to hunt down true love in middle age (or simply refuses to move on from her dating reserves of exactly one tall Virginian), then let us at least commit to watching these hilarious rich moms do more. —Delia Cai

Change Carrie’s job to “beach”

And Just Like That… can’t live with it, can’t live without it. If we must go on, I urge the writers, who have put us through so much in the last two seasons, to return to fun. Season three opens with Carrie and Seema right where we left them—in Greece. Because they never left! With Carrie’s seemingly endless funds (plus, five years to kill!) and Seema’s real estate connections, together they have opened a bed and breakfast à la Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia. Good ol’ fashioned shenanigans ensue as the rest of the gang come to visit for a girls trip. —Daniela Tijerina

Or maybe “coats”

Frankly, I am mostly in it for the outerwear at this point: Miranda’s glorious ombré Oscar de la Renta, Carrie’s bomb cyclone duvet cover of a parka, hell, even Aidan’s controversial belted jacket, the rare piece that can effortlessly take a man from “day” to “Hunger Games commissioner.” Let’s get even coat-crazier in season three, preferably by devising scenarios that require our heroes to bundle up. Take these ladies skiing! Put them on a windy boat! Have them sidle up to Steve’s clam bar in the dead of winter, just because! The people need—nay, demand—it! —Hillary Busis

Get Samantha Jones back by any means necessary!

The best part of And Just Like That’s season two finale—and perhaps And Just Like That’s entire second season—was the all too brief 90 seconds we spent with Samantha Jones. Hearing Kim Cattrall drop back into Samantha Jones’s saucy cadence was a balm for the weary soul, and proof that this series desperately needs the joie de vivre that only Jones can deliver. It’s probably a pipe dream, but season three of And Just Like That… needs to work Samantha back into the fold in some way. Maybe Carrie has a PR emergency when writing her next book, The Five -Year Itch, and Samantha gives her advice over Zoom. Or Miranda and her new British lover, Joy, take a trip across the pond and run into Samantha at a pub. Or Lily asks Charlotte if she can spend the summer interning for Aunt Sam before going to Yale. It sounds far-fetched, but the fact that Cattrall even agreed to do that cameo suggests that she would maybe be amenable to appearing on this program again (for the right price). It doesn’t matter how it happens: Start small with a FaceTime check in once in a while with Carrie, or go full tilt and give Sam a completely separate storyline in London. However they do it, we don’t care. It’s high time we get our girl back. —Chris Murphy