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Why Dolly Parton Declined Princess Kate's Invitation for Tea

“I thought it was very sweet and nice of her to invite me and one of these days I'm going to get to do that," the Queen of Country said. 
calendar confusion

Selena Gomez's New Song Is Not About The Weeknd

“Single Soon” is not about her 10-month relationship with the singer turned Idol actor, she says. 
talking bodies

Jessica Simpson Still Gets Comments About Her Weight: “I Wish I Could Say It’s Gotten Better”

“You be you,” she said she tells her kids. 
Beach Day

With Beach Sessions, Merce Cunningham’s 1991 Beach Birds and Sarah Michelson Head to Rockaway

This year, the summer performance series puts two artists’ work in conversation—with each other, and with the gulls and sunbathers along the shore.
Travelin' Man

How to Travel Like Jaden Smith

“I just wear the same clothes a lot,” Smith, who recently launched Harper Collective, a new sustainable luggage brand made from recycled sea plastic, tells Vanity Fair.

Larissa Mills Is Keeping Mother-Daughter Relationships in Style

Mills may not be your average influencer, but her popular OOTD videos and close relationship with her college-age daughter make for the perfect fit.

Elite Music Tourism Is the Latest 1 Percent Flex

Music festivals were once a cost-saving solution for fans; now wealthy concertgoers are looking for more than just a show, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Aubrey Plaza to Make Her Stage Debut Alongside Christopher Abbott in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

“As I read it, I knew we had to do it,” Plaza tells Vanity Fair. “It is so fun and juicy, and the characters are tragic and beautiful.” 
solid silver

Beyoncé Unlocks New Level of Virgo With Monthlong Dress Code for Fans

All she wants for her birthday is your exacting obedience to her color palette. 

“I Wanted to Tell My Truth”: Coco Jones Takes Vulnerability on Tour

After touring, the R&B hitmaker is preparing for a return to the studio. “I am a hard worker. I am a dedicated, passionate, competitive girl. I want to see myself win, I want to see women who look like me win,” she tells Vanity Fair.

Delaney Rowe Isn’t Trying to Be Cringe

“I’m trying to be authentic, and then hopefully that induces discomfort,” the actor turned TikTok personality tells Vanity Fair of the inspiration behind her spot-on sketches that parody onscreen tropes.
ring ring who's there

Jennifer Lopez Celebrates First Anniversary With Ben Affleck By Going Full 2002

Because Bennifer Pt. II deserves “Dear Ben Pt. II.”
big talk

Lizzo’s Big Grrrls Rally In a Big Show of Support for Singer

The backup dancers posted a statement to their Instagram account. 

The Summer of Spite Is Almost Over. Are We Done Being Spiteful?

From Musk vs. Zuckerberg to vindictive Ron DeSantis to those violent orcas, we’re living in an era of vengeance.

Jon Batiste Is Broadcasting to the World 

On World Music Radio, his latest album, Batiste hopes to celebrate the idea that musical genres “don’t really exist.” 
Fan Service

So How Exactly Are the Jonas Brothers Going to Play 5 Albums Every Night?

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas explain the logic behind their wide-ranging tour for The Album, which kicked off this weekend with two sold-out shows at Yankee Stadium.

Slim Aarons’s Photography Caught the Elite in Their Habitats. A New Book Captures a Lost World

His portraits of last century’s privileged class still hold sway over influencers in the worlds of fashion, design, and advertising.

Inside the Immersive Storytelling of Here Lies Love

In his new show about former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, director Alex Timbers strikes a careful balance, one that’s been part of Here Lies Love’s neon-hued vision from the start.

For Poet Alex Dimitrov, Nothing Is Hopeless—Not Even Twitter

With Elon Musk at the helm, a new crop of competitors, and a surprising rebrand, can poetry still flourish on the platform? Dimitrov thinks so.