Diane von Furstenberg, Candice Bergen, Emma Thompson, and More Get Their Final Yachts In

As yacht season comes to a close, who is getting their final trips in?
Diane von Furstenberg Candice Bergen Emma Thompson and More Get Their Final Yachts In
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Once again, it’s that time of the year. Labor Day is next week, and so summer’s unofficial close drifts ever closer, lurking beyond the summer horizon, just lying in wait to whisper in your ear that you need to go buy pants and get your life together. Things will soon have a wash of seriousness to them. In will come books, notebooks, sweaters, and a furrowed brow. Out will go skin and frivolous yachts. 

But not yet. There’s still a week, and some smart people seem to be getting their last yachts of the summer in. One last vacation on the books. A final hurrah, a goodbye to all that yachting, at least until next season. Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, card-carrying yachters, invited some friends to their big ship over the weekend. The evidence came from within, a call from inside the house, if you will, as we know about this trip due to an Instagram from the cofounder of a spirits brand, Bruce Bozzi, as spotted by the Daily Mail, and not due to paparazzi. This is all to say, where the trip was is anyone’s guess. My guess? I’m going to say Mallorca. This is based on nothing, except, perhaps, that it seems like a nice place to take a 305-foot superyacht called Eos that’s reportedly worth $200 million

The travelers were many. Emma Thompson, Diane Sawyer, and Candice Bergen. If the guest list were to stop there, then von Furstenberg could sell tickets to the cruise. That’s someone’s idea of a dream cruise. That’s maybe my idea of a dream cruise. But there were still more people on the trip. Bozzi and his husband, Creative Artists Agency cochairman Bryan Lourd, plus film producer Jason Blum and his wife, Lauren Schuker, and Ricky Van Veen, CollegeHumor cofounder and Allison Williams’s ex.

Good for all of them. Smart people. Taking advantage of the last days of yacht season by yachting. Who knows what the fall will bring, what kind of work must get done, which big ideas will have to get thought up. For at least a little longer, one can be amongst friends, brain as smooth as the sea on a calm and breezeless day.