Laura Apel

Laura Apel

Laura Apel leads Mitto’s global Marketing operations. With a background in journalism and over 6 years within the CPaaS industry, her focus is on increasing visibility of Mitto’s industry expertise and differentiated technology through strategic brand messaging and communications.

An Increase in Online Purchasing Means Focusing on Customer Service

E-commerce is gradually becoming the preferred shopping medium for consumers. In 2023, nearly 21 percent of purchases are expected to happen online, amounting to more than $6.3 billion in total spending. Today’s shoppers can do almost anything on a computer or mobile device: collaborate with co-workers, buy groceries, and even purchase a new car. As…

3 Ways to Attract and Retain 'Zillennial' Customers

“Zillennials” are the oldest members of Gen Z, who were born during that demographic’s first five or six years, approximately 1997 to 2002. While still considered digital natives, zillennials can remember a time before tablets or smartphones and were not pervasively online during their elementary school years, unlike the majority of their generation. This age…