Bryan House

Bryan House

Bryan House is the chief experience officer at Elastic Path, a composable commerce solution. He leads the UX, Product Management, Enablement, and Customer Success teams. Previously, Bryan was the Chief Commercial Officer at Neural Magic, a deep learning software startup where he ran Product, GTM, and Customer Success. An Acquia founding team member, he helped lead the company to $170+M in revenue. His expertisespans digital commerce, machine learning, digital experience platforms, and open source technology.

The Rise of Commerce Media and the Collapse of the Attention Economy

The rise of commerce (or retail) media and the collapse of the attention economy go hand in hand. Case in point: The 2010s were good to direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce. Most retailers experienced low customer acquisition costs (CAC) afforded through low-cost social media ads (mostly via Meta products like Facebook and Instagram). At the time, these…

Live Commerce Has Captivated China. Here’s How it Will Take Off in the US

Like the Gen Z version of QVC, livestream shopping is bursting in popularity. The trend originally took off in China during the coronavirus pandemic, and is quickly making its way to other parts of the world. While the medium of live shopping demos isn’t new, social channels like TikTok have democratized it and brought it…