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Jonas Brothers Test How Well They Know Each Other

Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas test who knows one another best in this episode of Vanity Fair Game Show. They grew up together, but how much do they actually know about each other? What is Nick's favorite song to perform? What was Joe's most embarrassing moment? Who was Kevin's first celebrity crush? Do the JoBros know their nieces' birthdays? Jonas Brothers are kicking off “The Tour” with two sold-out shows at New York's Yankee Stadium on August 12th and 13th. “The Tour” will include stadium and arena dates around the globe through 2024, for tickets visit Director: Adam Lance Garcia Producer: Madison Coffey Associate Producer: Rafael Vasquez DP: Jack Belisle Cam Op: Rebecca Van Der Meulen Audio: Sean Paulsen Gaffer: David Djaco PA: Rowmel Findley Line Producer: Jen Santos Production Manager: Natasha Soto-Albors Talent Booker/TTG: Mica Medoff

Released on 08/01/2023


When are my kids' birthdays?


Every year.

[everyone laughing]

Winner! [Nick clapping]

[game show music]

Hey, I am Nick.

I am...

And I'm Kevin.

And today we'll be testing

how well we know each other for Vanity Fair.

Shall we get started?

Where's my favorite place to travel to?

Ooh. Italy.

Baker's Bay.

Mm, so Bahamas.

Technically, The Bahamas.

That's a little weird.

He like gave an answer then he wrote it down,

like reminding him.

Because...answered before I could write it down,

but look at the answer. [bell dinging]

You're actually both right.

I'm The Bahamas

[Joe] slash Italy. Slash Italy.

Very similar place.

So it's Italy via Bahamas.

It's both.

Okay. Okay, copy.

Well, this time can you write

[indistinct]. So that's a

double point for us.

Can you write the answer down first?

Yes, Joe.

What is my favorite song to perform?

Summer Baby off the new album.

Your favorite song to perform, I think, is Sucker.

Incorrect. [buzzer buzzing]

Both of you.

[Kevin] It's actually a Love Bug. And,

it's Love Bug. Yeah, of course.

I just don't like that answer.

Well, you can not like it.

It's my answer.

What was the weirdest thing I did as a kid?

Les Mis for your, like, family and friends

and you made everybody sit down

and you performed.

In our apartment complex in Dallas,

you scaled the wall of the pool and went swimming

and you didn't know how to swim.

[Joe laughing]

That's a weird thing to do, but I-

[Joe] Brave thing to do. survived.

Crushed it.

He just decided he could swim.

Joe is nearly right.

I built barricades

because I was doing productions of Les Mis.

I think that's a point.

That's a point.

Give him a 0.5 on that. A half a point.

No, no, no, no.

Half point.

You don't, you have to pick points here.

Do we agree? Half a point?

Half a point. Half a point, see.

I would take a bunch of stuff, like a desk,

a bunch of chairs and build this like-

I remember this.

ginormous barricade like they do in the show,

Les Mis, that I was-

Where did the dining table go?

[Nick] Yeah.

It's in the basement.

It has to look like-

[Kevin] Mangled.

it's just been thrown on there to protect you from-

[Kevin] That's good.

the French military.

[Joe and Kevin laughing]

More like mom and dad.

What are the three things I need on the tour bus?

Can you hide your-

'cause I know Kevin's peeking.

I'm not.

He's definitely peaking. He's a cheater.

You need a video game system so you can play 2K golf.

You need Coors Light.


For after a show, of course.

You'd never do that before the show.

Final but not least, you would go with tuna fish.

I think you need ants on a log, tequila,

and a clean pair of socks.




We are playing a game about specific

specificities. Working backwards here.

I said Xbox to play 2K golf.

One point. [bell dinging]

One point.

I said Villa One tequila,

which is- [belling dinging]

One point.

And then golf clubs.

You guys didn't get that. [horn blowing]

What are you thinking?

I take

my golf clubs everywhere. That is very surprising.

What is my favorite piece of clothing?

I know the answer.

Oh, interesting.

What is the answer?

PXG golf outfit the he collaborated on and made.

A hoodie of some kind.

No, both wrong.

Fresh pair of white sneakers.

Goes with everything.

I actually stepped on your sneakers earlier.

You did.

You stepped like basically right on it

and then didn't move,

and just looked at me for like a second and a half.

Well, I was in shock that I did that

'cause I know how badly that hurts your soul

and you just don't wanna move too quick

'cause you might leave a mark.

[Kevin laughing]

So you have to be very careful how you lift your foot up.

Or was it just you showing your dominance?

Just like just having to staring at him.

What do you think is my best quality?

Is that the question or?



[Joe and Kevin chuckling]

Just asking.

I'm gonna say his ability to listen.

I think he is great at getting people together

[marker scratching]

and being a great host.

Mm. Well, I appreciate both those answers.

I was gonna say my communication skills.


[Nick] I think that's kind of-

That's kind of answers...

It's a half a point for each of you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, that's another thing about Nick.

He's generous.

When is my anniversary?

It is December and it is December 2nd?

December 4th? December 2nd.

Pick a number.

December 2nd.

It is December 1st, 2018.

Almost. [buzzer buzzing]

You're both kind of right, again.

It's December 1st and 2nd.

That's right. There's two weddings.

I would win then.

You said third, fourth, and fifth.

The first-

No, I said second.

Western wedding ceremony is on the first.

And the Hindu wedding was on the second.


What is my favorite Jonas Brothers song?

Favorite Jonas Brothers song.

Walls off the new album, The Album.


Correct. [bell dinging]


One point for both of you.

What word would I use to describe my style?


Try hard, I mean.

[Kevin snorting]


[Kevin and Nick laughing]

I don't know. Classic.

Vanity Fair once said casual chic.


No, they never actually said that.

But we'll pretend that they did.

What is the most embarrassing thing

to happen to me on stage?

You shit your pants.

You did. You shit your pants.

Okay, you pooped your pants.


Actually, I didn't even have time to write it down.

You just, you're changing it now [indistinct].


No, you'll go, Oh, yeah.

[marker scratching]

It's fall on national television.

[Kevin] Oh, of course.

Run the clip.

[pop music]

That was embarrassing at the time.

Now, I don't really care because it's

happened many times since. Our album sales,

our album sales spiked though,


It did, yeah. People felt bad.

your empathy vote was-

Thank you.

The sympathy vote's up there.

What is my hidden talent?


I'll try to pick one.

[Kevin and Nick laughing]

You're a pretty good roller skater.

That's pretty cool.

You can hold your breath longer than one minute.

I can do that, but that's not the correct answer.

It was my Elmo impression.

I'll do it for you, but you can't look at me.

Elmo loves 'Vanity Fair'. [giggles]

It's very good.

What is my favorite British slang term?

Baby Guinness.

Yeah, baby gui-, Sunday roast.

Sunday roast.

Those are not slang terms.

Those are not-

They're not-


It's actually right, right, right.

This is my wife, Sophie, says it a lot.

Going out for a drink or dinner, she'll go right, right.

That's like her, she's ready to go.

I like it.

Which song lyric do I forget the most?

The beginning of Summer Baby.

Kevin, do you have an answer?

Very much that. Summer Baby.

Summer Baby. [bell dinging]

Two points to each of you.

Nick got in my head one time about it

and then now, every time I'm about to sing the first lyric,

I can see him looking at me, ready for me to mess it up.

[Kevin and Nick laughing]

So the truth be told,

I probably know it and we have a teleprompter,

but I can feel him like just staring at the back of my head.

It's true.



Which of our music videos is my favorite?

[teeth sucking]

I think What a Man Gotta Do.


I'm gonna go with Who's in Your head?

I really enjoyed that video. I think it's great.

I sat in a human-sized coffee cup.

They didn't let me keep that,

but they let Kevin keep his Vespa.

I couldn't keep the human-sized coffee cup.

I can put that thing to use.

The Vespa was product placement.


The coffee cup is hard to sell.

That was Vanity.

Vanity, what?


[papers flopping]

All right, this is for three points.

Three points? K.

Says it says it on the top actually.

[marker scratching]


What is my favorite childhood snack?


You want me to give you a hint? It's cold.

A Slurpee?

Is that a snack? That's a beverage.

No, I like that. That's a good guess.

That's in the world.

Oh, Nerds Blizzard! Uh, it's-

yeah, it's Nerds-, yeah, yeah.

You gonna guess that too?

You said cold and now you said-

Guys, come on, Turkey Hill

marshmallow ice cream. [horns blowing]

Rocky Road Ice Cream.

No, just- his is marshmallow.

I was-, he was Rocky Road.

He was without the nuts.

Rocky Road didn't sit well with me.

I should have guessed that.

I DMed them about getting a tub of that 'cause-

[Kevin] Did they respond?


If I was not a performer, what would my profession be?

Maybe a professional pole vaulter.

Thought you were gonna say pole dancer, but...

He'd wanna like, be an architect.

[bell dinging]

You are correct, sir.

[Nick] Oh yeah. Home builder.

So that is definitely a point

for Nicholas. He was pole vaulter

in high school.

I'm not just like, making this up.

One point for me.

Oh. Start somewhere.

Mm-hmm. Not out of this yet.

Question is, what is my biggest fear?

Disappointing others.

Disappointing others.

I saw it.

I saw it too, so.

Can we each get a half point?

So now we're tied-

No, no, I should get-

Nick gets it first.

Yeah, yeah, fine.

I don't get any point. [buzzer buzzing]


I don't need it.

I don't need the sympathy point.

I wanna win this fair and square.

How would you describe me as a teenager?

I think in the best way, you were a nerd.


But so was I, and nerds rule the world.

I'm trying to think of something clever

because I wanted to say,

you are addicted to Coke and then wait a beat

and then say 'ca-Cola.


How many cans did you get through a day?

It was like six, five?

Oh, it was like six before lunch.


I had really-


Yeah, it turns out,

you stopped drinking that, my skin cleared up.

How would you describe me as a teenager?

I just said I was annoying.

[Nick and Joe laughing]

I am not gonna argue that.

Being honest here for Vanity Fair.

And both are wrong, but both are right in our own way.

Who was my childhood celebrity crush?

Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff.

[Joe] That's-

Hilary Duff.


Winner. Winner.

What is my favorite Nick Jonas Song?



Teacher. Levels,

I'll go with Levels.


Chainsaw. [chainsaw buzzing]


I actually knew that.

[humming] ... couch! And I did it to the other couch.


[Kevin] Yeah.

That's exactly how it goes.

Those are the lyrics.

Something about the song, it's just was really good.

I also enjoyed the video and the couch on fire in the woods.


You're welcome. I'm a fan.

What was the most embarrassing thing I've ever did on tour?

The great mic stand fight of 2023?

[marker scratching] Yeah.

I was gonna say, when you, you said the wrong city name.

That was you.

You did it too.

We've all done it.


Or when you dropped the birthday cake

on- our anniversary cake on our parents.

Yeah, yeah, that was great.

That was pretty funny.

That was devastating.

It was the mic stand thing.

[Joe] Ooh, nice.

Kept spinning into it.

Not out of it yet.

Haha, this is gonna be funny.

When are my kids' birthdays?


Every year.

[everyone laughing] [rimshot bangs]


October 22nd?

October 21st?


February 17th.



February 1st or 2nd? Second.

February 2nd. [bell dinging]

February 2nd.

We got one.

And October 27th.

27th. [horns blowing]

I knew it was,

I was closer technically- seven, six.


Yeah. So I'm right. [crowd applauding]

I win.

Most surprising thing discovered about each other today

is that we're even worse spellers than we thought we were.



I wish we could use Siri's autocorrect for this one

and just show you next time.

Vanity Fair, thanks for having us,

we'll see you on the road this summer.

And we'll remember which city we're in.

Probably not.

[game show music]

Starring: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas

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