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Kenzie Bryant head shot - Vanity Fair

Kenzie Bryant

Staff Writer

Kenzie Bryant is a staff writer at Vanity Fair, where she covers people and the way they live.

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  • The Importance of Being Earnestly Drew Barrymore 

    The actor turned talk show host, entrepreneur, influencer, director, producer, and, most recently, editor of her own Drew magazine has made a business of figuring it out. Now, her trademark brand of optimism is defying magazine trends.
  • Emily Ratajkowski Grabs the Narrative

    With her new book of essays, the model and actor reflects on the experience of gaining fame and creating an image in the age of digital celebrity. It has, unsurprisingly, been a process. “People have said to me, the book is really brave,” she says. “I’m like, is that the word you would use? Because I could think of a lot of other words. Maybe a little stupid.”
  • XOXO, Tavi

    Fashion veteran, media mogul, Broadway actor, and star of the Gossip Girl reboot, Tavi Gevinson—famous for more than half of her life—shows no signs of scaling back her ambitions.
  • “Who Knows, Maybe I’ll Be Famous”: Hollywood’s Favorite Pickleball Coach Breaks Out

    Matt Manasse, an early pickleball adopter and coach, has been helping titans of Hollywood get their dinks in a row. Now, as the sport’s star rises, so does his.
  • Love the Internet? Hate It? Thank a Fan

    In a new book, Kaitlyn Tiffany, culture reporter at The Atlantic, delves deep into a world that she’s intimately familiar with—boy band fandom—positing that you can’t fully understand the internet as we know it without first understanding Directioners.
  • Finally, an Antidote for the Lack of Low-Stakes Gossip in Our Lives

    If your gossip coffers have been low in the last few years, between narrowing circles of acquaintances and lackluster celebrity narratives, don’t fret. Podcasts and newsletters are here to restore supplies.