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Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell Brawl in 'The Diplomat'

After Kate (Russell) discovers that her husband (Sewell) has deceived her, she takes matters into her own hands—literally.

Released on 06/21/2023


Find the right time to tell you and...

I... I didn't find it.

Now, two weeks ago...

I swear to fucking God. Two weeks ago,

you said, Call Rick.


And I...

You called Rick. I did.

Katherine, you know the chessboard.

You're undaunted by complexity.

I called our attorney.

This is a once in a lifetime chance

to get someone into the White House

with a preternatural ability to unfuck clusterfucks.

I called Rick and I said, Get us a mediator.

Because this is gonna be the cleanest,

loveliest divorce anybody ever had.

You have an orchard.

The president of the United States is in it.

You need to have a conversation with him.

You need to hear what he is thinking.

You need to, in a chill way, get to know the guy

before he leaves, which is in 10 minutes.

You didn't tell me a lot of things.


You had your reasons, it's okay.

But when you said, Yes, we can be done.

Yeah. We had 10 good years.

We're done.

You were crying. There was snot.

Kate, it's the vice president.

You want me to think about it, right?

Yeah, I do.

Can you? Yeah.

Really? Yeah.


If you answer one question truthfully, really truthfully.

Sure, okay.

Yeah, anything.

When you said, Call Rick,

when you said, We're done,

did you think we were done?


Ah! [fist thuds]

[Hal groans]

What the fuck?

[fist thuds]

[shoes thud]

Kate... Okay.

Take a break. [Kate screams]

[Hal] Jesus.

[Hal and Kate grunting]

What the fuck?

Kate. [twigs snapping]

[Agent 1] Huh, thoughts?

We're not his detail, we're hers.

Not going well for him, is it?

[Hal] Kate. [Kate grunts]

Kate, put it down.

Put it down. [Kate grunts]

[Kate] Fuck, fuck, shit.

[Hal] I swear to God.

Stop it, Kate.

Ow, stop.

Okay, okay.

[Kate grunts] [head thuds]

This marriage... Jesus.

Kate, stop. Is killing me!