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Channing Tatum Takes a Lie Detector Test

Channing Tatum takes Vanity Fair's infamous lie detector test. Does he think there is more to life than being ridiculously good looking? Is he a better stripper than JLo? What was he trying to prove by appearing on Bear Grylls' survivalist show? Director: Adam Lance Garcia Director of Photography: Jack Belisle Editor: Jordan Calig Celebrity Talent: Channing Tatum Producer: Madison Coffey Line Producer: Jen Santos Production Coordinator: Mark Bond Camera Operator: Alfonso Audio: Lily van Leeuwen Production Assistant: Lyla Neely, Sophie Pulver Post Production Supervisor: Nicholas Ascanio Talent Booker: Allison Ward Frank

Released on 01/17/2023


[Interviewer] Did you ever kill anybody?

Not intentionally, but yeah.

That's a lie.

[Channing laughs]

Put your hands up high, please.

Lean slightly forward.

Yay, it's like a rollercoaster.

Click, click, click, click, click, click.

I'm just gonna flex.

Pop it off.

[Interviewer] So to begin,

I'm going to calibrate the machine

by asking you some straightforward questions.


[Interviewer] Please answer honestly.


[Interviewer] Is your full name Channing Matthew Tatum?


[Interviewer] Were you born in Coleman, Alabama?


[Interviewer] Are you ready

to take this lie detector test?

I'm as ready as I think I can ever be.

[Interviewer] Are you nervous?

Yeah, I think so.

[Interviewer] All right, let's get started with

your career.


[Interviewer] You started your career as a model.


[Interviewer] Did you perfect the smize?

I guess.

I don't know if I perfected it, but I worked so.

I didn't have to wait tables, thankfully.

[Interviewer] Do you think your smize

was better than this person's, Tyra Banks?

No, no.

She's like the queen of queens.

I don't think very many people's smize

probably better than her,

other than other supermodels.

He's telling the truth.

Yeah, what's up, Tyra?

[Interviewer] Do you think you could have won

America's Next Top Model?

No, no, I don't think so.

That's a lie.



I wasn't a great model.

And guys are different.

Guys are like, not about wearing the clothes,

you just get hired to be naked when you're a guy model.

[Interviewer] Have you ever wondered

if there was more to life

other than being really, really ridiculously good looking?

Absolutely, there's more to life.

That is for sure.

He's telling the truth.

Yay, thank God.

[Channing laughs]

[Interviewer] You played Duke

in GI Joe, The Rise of Cobra.

Did you ask to be killed off

in the first 10 minutes of the sequel?


[Interviewer] Do you regret that choice?


[Interviewer] Why not?

The first one, I passed on seven times

but they had an option on me and I had to do the movie.

So the second one,

I obviously just didn't want to be in that one either.

He's telling the truth.

[Interviewer] You were a dancer

in Ricky Martin's music video, She Bangs.

Does that mean you're livin' la vida loca?


Actually it was a, I guess I'm a more of a She Bangs

kind of a guy.

[Interviewer] Do you think you can thank Ricky Martin

for your career?

Yeah, probably, yeah.

I think that is what, I got that job randomly.

My friend was going to the audition.

I was like driving that day, so I just went in and did it,

got the job, and I met this girl, Liz, that lived in Miami

and she said, Yo, you should like move down to Miami

and like try to do this for real.

And I was like, Okay.

So I kind of moved down sort of because of her

and that's how my,

then someone saw me on the street for modeling.

So yeah, I would say Ricky Martin and Liz did it.

[Interviewer] Have you ever thanked him?

I've never thanked him.

I've thanked Liz a lot,

but Ricky thanks, bro, or thank you, sir.

[Narrator] Is it true that Magic Mike

was inspired by your real life experience as a stripper?

Yes, mostly, yes.

[Interviewer] Would you say that you are a better stripper

than this person, Joe Manganiello?


We're different, different classes of strippers.

When you look in the dictionary

next to like the perfect specimen of a man,

probably Joe Manganiello

is one of the bodies that like pops up because he's just,

he's kind of weirdly flawless.

But as far as stripping goes, I would put myself,

I would put myself above him dance wise.

He's telling the truth.

Sorry, Joe.

[Interviewer] What about this person?


[Interviewer] Jennifer Lopez.

Am I a better stripper than her?

I'm gonna say, yeah.

I would go harder if I was stripping against her.

I'm just saying, I'm gonna take it to J. Lo's front door.

He's telling the truth.


[Narrator] What does go harder mean?

I don't know.

I'm just gonna go real hard.

You gotta go hard if you're gonna go against the J. Lo.

The love, she's like,

man, I don't know if I'm gonna win

but I'm gonna definitely,

I like my chances, depending on who the audience is.

[Interviewer] You're gonna leave it all on the floor?

Yeah, all of it.

[Interviewer] Did you ever scam, i.e. hustle people,

like her character did in Hustlers?


No, not like she did in Hustlers.

No, unfortunately.

We made like 60 bucks a night if that,

100 bucks on a good night.

He's telling the truth.


[Interviewer] Final question about stripping.


[Interviewer] Do you think Judd

would make a good stripper?

100% because he could like strap them up

to like the whole machine thing being like, You like that?

Oh, you're lying.

Ooh, you like this?

And he could figure out what they like.

So it'd be a really interesting,

I'm down to create the dance if he's down.

Let's get it going, Magic Mike VI.

[Interviewer] Magic Mike's Last Dance

is your sixth film with Steven Soderbergh?


[Interviewer] Are you mad he never included you

in the Ocean's trilogy?

No, I didn't know Steven then.

If they made more, then yes, I would've been very, very mad.

[Interviewer] Who do you think is more handsome,

you or this man, George Clooney?

That's George.

Unfortunately, I wish, I wish I could hold a candle.

It's just, I mean and the world would tell you that.

And you go to Italy,

I mean I don't even need a lie detector test.

Like Italy will be the lie detector test.

He's a very classy gentleman and a very good looking man.

He's telling the truth.


What about this man, Brad Pitt?

Absolutely fucking not.

No, unfortunately no.

Like I, I don't think really anybody,

I mean he's more handsome than George.

Sorry, George but that's just a fact.

I think most people would agree.

He's telling the truth.

Can't crack me, bro.

Watch, I'm gonna fold now.

It's gonna be one that's gonna just crush me.

[Interviewer] All three of you have been listed

as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

Who do you think would win in a dance off?

I'm killing them in a dance off,

like crushing them in a dance off-

He's telling the truth. Yeah, yeah.

[Interviewer] This man, Chris Evans,

was the most recent Sexiest Man Alive.


[Interviewer] You both cameoed in Free Guy

alongside 2010's Sexiest Man, Ryan Reynolds.

Does that make Free Guy the sexiest movie ever?

No, no, I don't think Free Guy's very sexy personally.

I mean it's a family movie

so that's not really what we're going with

but it had a lot of sexy potential, let's say.

Congrats, Chris.

[Interviewer] You starred opposite Steve Carell

in Fox Catcher.

Oh yeah.

Do you think he looks better with this nose?

[Channing laughing]

No, he does not look better with that nose.

Unfortunately, no.

Steve's a very good looking gentleman.

He looks very hawkish.


[Channing laughing]

[Interviewer] Let's talk about pop culture.

Oh God.

[Interviewer] Which was the better

save the president movie,

White House Down starring you

or Olympus Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler?

White House Down, not even a question.

Zero question in that.

It's a better movie.

It's a better made movie.

[Judd] Telling the truth.

No offense, Gerard.

[Interviewer] In 2013, you and Jamie Fox

performed the song,

I Want to Channing All Over Your Tatum.


[Interviewer] Do you wish more sex acts

were named after you?

Sex acts?

Yeah, I guess, yeah, why not?

It's not the worst thing to be known for.

That's a lie.

Ooh, maybe not,

I lied. It's a lie.

Okay, I guess it was a little weird.

You know what it probably was?

It was, you know, it's a really good song

and it's really hard to get it outta your head.

And I couldn't sing it anywhere

because like everybody would just be like,

this guy's like really into himself,

he just like, keep singing about himself.

So maybe that's what it was.

[Interviewer] You appeared on this man,

Bear Gryll's show twice.

Yes, he's a G.

[Interviewer] Are you trying to prove something

by appearing on his show?

Probably, more than likely, yeah.

Actually he said that when I was about to jump out,

we were about to take off.

I had never sky dived before solo

because no one could save me if everything went wrong.

He was like, This, this takes balls, man.

And I was just like, What?

I don't want you to say that.

I want you to say that this is gonna be fine.

This is gonna be really easy.

But yeah, I'm sure I have something to prove

that I'm not just some scared actor

that doesn't want to do any of his own stunts.

[Interviewer] Did you secretly use a stuntman

for those challenges?

On Bear Grylls?

No, definitely not.

He's telling the truth.


[Interviewer] You famously performed with Beyonce

on Lip Sync Battle?


[Interviewer] Who's a better dancer, you or Beyonce?

Beyonce without question.

I almost threw out my neck trying to do that move

like for real.

All the Single Ladies, go watch the video,

you'll know what I'm talking about.

The truth.


[Interviewer] Did you ever strip to a Beyonce song?


We usually strip to I guess male sang songs typically.

[Interviewer] Who's a bigger daddy?

A bigger daddy.

[Interviewer] You or this man, Jason Momoa?

A bigger daddy?

Well, he's physically larger and he has more kids than I am,

so I think, I think he's yeah, a bigger daddy.

[Interviewer] Do you think Khal Drago surviving

would've made Game of Thrones better?


I was pissed when he died.

I wanted to see him like lead an army

and like do the whole like thing.

Yeah, for sure.

[Interviewer] Out of loyalty to Jason,

did you not watch House of the Dragon?

No, I wasn't that loyal.

I liked House of Dragon,

it was fine, it was good.

[Interviewer] You follow exactly 2,222

people on Instagram.

Is 2,222 your lucky number?

No, no 33 is.

[Interviewer] Why 33?

My dad was 33 playing football,

I was 33 playing football,

I was a 33rd black belt in my kung fu school.

That number's just sort of like followed me everywhere.

That's weird, that's a weird amount of people,

I agree with you though.

Most of 'em, I don't even know who I've followed.

I used to give my phone to my friends

and let them just follow people randomly.

[Interviewer] Who's the weirdest person they followed?

One was a mistake.

It was just like, man, it was an older woman and it,

I had to end up blocking her.

The stuff that she was sending me was crazy.

It was wild.

[Judd] Telling the truth.


[Interviewer] What did she send you?

Very explicit photos, as you can imagine

and narratives that weren't real.

I was like, okay, this has gotta,

I gotta block this.

[Interviewer] Sounds intense.

It was intense.

[Interviewer] Let's move on to your life.

Your mother's nickname for you growing up was Chanimal.

Chanimal, yes, that's one of them.

[Interviewer] Is that because you were a wild child?

Yeah, yeah, I asked my mom one time,

Was I a bad kid, mom?

And she just gets the thousand yard stare

and just is like, No, you were just really busy.

[Interviewer] So were you a bad boy?

I don't know if it was bad, but just busy,

it was her words.

[Interviewer] What does busy mean?

They tell stories

that it was just easier to take me to the hospital

rather than to try to get me to not climb things so.

They did say I was really loving, but I was busy.

[Interviewer] Your daughter goes to the same school

as Sandra Bullock's daughter.

Used to, yes.

[Interviewer] Is it true that you two

met in the principal's office?


Well, we didn't meet there,

but we definitely had

probably one of our more connective conversations there.

Our daughters got into a couple scraps at school

because they're both very, very, very

strong-willed little girls and yeah, it was, it was fun,

it was a very fun year that year.

[Interviewer] Do they still have beef?

They love each other now,

literally can't like get enough of each other,

they just want to hang out all the time.

Telling the truth.

[Interviewer] You wrote The One and Only Sparkella?


[Interviewer] Is glitter poop

something you experienced firsthand?

Yes, every morning usually.

[Interviewer] What is glitter poop?

It pretty much how it sounds.

It's just glitter with poop on it.

But I'm either a poopy snail and she's glitter poop

or we come up with some other

sort of silly names for each other.

[Interviewer] In the book,

Sparkella's dad embarrasses her.

Is this based on a true story?

Yeah, I embarrass my daughter

as many times as I possibly can in a day.

[Interviewer] Have you embarrassed her recently?

I don't know if I embarrassed her.

She kind of likes it weirdly.

It's like a, it's a strange thing.

Like I went to like a Celtic Irish dancing competition

and I wore a Celtic Irish dance dad shirt

and she thought it was hilarious.

So she's not quite in the,

in the like dad embarrasses me like phase yet,

it's coming, teenage years.

I'm gonna have a lot of fun.

I'm just gonna wear whatever she wears everywhere we go.

[Interviewer] Looking forward to it.


[Interviewer] Final question.

At any point, did you lie during this interview

and we didn't catch you?



He's telling the truth.

Steady as a rock.

I only lied about one

and I didn't understand why I lied.

[dramatic music]

Starring: Channing Tatum

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