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Kate Hudson and Janelle Monáe Take Lie Detector Tests

Glass Onion co-stars Kate Hudson and Janelle Monáe each take Vanity Fair's infamous lie detector test. Who was Kate's favorite on-screen kisser? Does she think her 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' character is a hero or a villain? Does Janelle think they are more extra than Gaga?

GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY is available on Netflix December 23, 2022.

Released on 12/29/2022


[Sam] Kate? Mhmm.

Janelle? Yes.

[Sam] We've brought you here today

to take a lie detector test.


[Sam] One of you will be hooked up to the machine

while the other will ask the questions.

Then you'll switch.

Okay. Great.

[Sam] So who wants to be in the hot seat first?

Oh gosh. I feel like Kate.


I'm happy to test this out for you.

I'll take the hit for sure.

I'll go first. This is why I love her.

This is why I love her. You're gonna do great.

I will be asking you some questions, Miss Kate Garry Hudson.

[Janelle] Yes. Is that your name?

That is my name.

[Janelle] All right.

Are you from Los Angeles, California,

Miss Kate Garry Hudson?


You sounded a little perplexed about this.

I also grew up in Colorado.

[Janelle] Mm. Okay.

But I'm born Los Angeles.

[Janelle] Do you have three children, Kate?

I do.

Are you ready to take this lie detector test?

Did I pass that part?

We're calibrated. We can start.

That's good.

Okay. We're calibrated.

You get to on to the next level.

You starred in some of the biggest romantic comedies

of the 2000s.

Do you think the rom-com is dead?

Mm. I don't think it's ever dead.

I think it's not given the attention it needs to be given.

I think the best rom-coms are actually very hard to make.

So, no, I don't think it's dead.

Mm. Do you have any plans to be in a new rom-com?





I do. I do.

Can you tell me why women in rom-coms

always work in publishing?


Do they? I have no idea.

But I would say that, I mean, I gotta be honest.

I don't really watch rom,

I don't watch that many rom-coms, you know.

So you're not a fan of rom-coms?

No, I love rom-coms.

But like sometimes for me,

the rom-coms that people are seeing are not movies that,

you know, I'd probably choose something else.

You guys get that?

Kate Hudson hates rom-coms.


Listen, can you tell me why you told Gwyneth Paltrow

that this man was a good kisser?

Is he better or a better kisser than this man?


You know what?

I've done well, guys. I feel like I've done well.

Oh, Matthew

[Janelle] Come on.

Yes. I think Billy is a gentler kisser.


Better? I wouldn't say better.

But definitely...definitely just gentler.

Mhmm, mhmm. We got it. We read between the lines.

It's a more sophisticated version of a kiss.

You know, it's a more the, it's like theater.

It's like Stanislavski.


And like Longhorns. You know what I mean?

How about, let's add someone else to the mix.

[Kate] Oh geez. How about him?

Now who's the better kisser now?

No. No. Canceled.

[Janelle] Canceled. Okay.

What about this woman?

Oh, oh, she beats them all.

[Janelle] I mean. Right? Truth?

That's true.

So Poop and I, I call her Schmoop.

[Kate] Schmoop? Poopy Schmoops.

[Janelle] Cute.

We, to this day, are like,

Why didn't we go for it more with our making out? Like...


She has the softest lips of them all.

[Janelle] Ooh. Yeah.

Is she telling the truth there?

That is what the machine says.

Oh my God. Those lips, those Tyler lips.

Yeah. Okay, we're gonna get into some Glass Onion talk.


[Janelle] Your character, Miss Birdie Jay,

is always on the verge of getting, shall I say, canceled.


Have you ever been afraid

that you were gonna get canceled?



[Janelle] Is she telling the truth, Sam?

Yes, that's true.

Yeah, I wouldn't, I'm not like that.

Does that mean you play it safe?

I do. I think I do actually.

I think I choose not to be too provocative.

Mm. Sam, is that truthful?

Because you're very provocative.

To me. In real life.

I mean in real life? Woo!

All right, have you ever ended a friendship

because that person was canceled?

Hell yeah.

Yes. I also haven't.

[Kate] Balance in all things. Yeah.

Is there anyone who hasn't been canceled

that you think should be?





That is not a yes or no question.

I am not allowed to answer that.


Okay. Well, do I know them?



Is she telling the truth, Sam?

Okay. Does this person deserve to be canceled? Bride Wars.

I don't think, I don't think Liv should be canceled.

[Janelle] Okay. I think Liv needs to live.

[Janelle] Needs to live. Needs to live.

How about her then?

Oh, Andy Anderson.

Should she be canceled?

I mean, I think she should be awarded, you know.

I mean, she's brave to step into the shoes

that she stepped into on this.

I did like provoke him to get beaten up in a movie theater.

But like I did it for all of the people that needed that.

Like it was necessary.

So she's a hero in your opinion?

She's a hero, yeah.

Okay. Let's be honest.

Did you steal that yellow dress from set?

I did not.

Is she telling the truth, Sam?


[Janelle] Do you wish you had?


Telling the truth, Sam?

That's inconclusive.

Did you steal anything, Miss Kate Garry Hudson,

from the set of the Glass Onion in Greece or in Serbia?


[Janelle] Sam?

Yes, that's true.

Let's talk about your own vodka brand.

Oh, okay.

King St. Vodka.

Yes. I love vodka.

Do you think the alcohol market

is oversaturated with celebrity liquors?

It...celebr- Different answer.

It's not a yes or no answer.

Male? Yes.

Female? No.

Oh, and Sam, is she telling the truth?

That is what the machine says.

[Janelle] All right. Yeah.

[Janelle] Do you think you all owe it to this woman,

Bethany Frankl?


I mean, it's wonderful what she's done.

But I mean, owe it? Probably not.

Okay. That sounds pretty truthful to me.

This is your final question.

Did you lie at any point during this lie detector test

and we didn't catch you?

I did.

[Janelle] Hmm. That's true.


I stole from the Glass Onion set.


I knew you did, and I was wondering.

I stole my jewels.


[Kate] Oh my gosh. But listen.

I stole them and then I got permission.

Like I really stole something.

It wasn't like even like an ashtray.

It was like...


[Kate] It was like diamonds.

I'm just kidding. It wasn't diamonds.

Canceled. You are canceled, Kate.

All right. What should I be doing with my hands?

I'm gonna keep my hands here.

Janelle, you can do whatever you want with your hands.

But I am here to find out some things about you

that I will not keep to myself.

The whole world will know.

Janelle, I'm gonna ask you a few questions

to calibrate the lie detector.

Is your full name Janelle Monae Robinson?


[Kate] Were you born on December 1st?

That's what they tell me.

Are you from Kansas City, Kansas?

Born and raised, baby.

Mm. Are you nervous?


That's not true.

She's not.


[Janelle] Back into character.

I could even read that.

You headlined Coachella with this man.

Oh wow. Interesting.

Donald Glover.

Do you like sharing the spotlight?

Yes, I do.

It's inconclusive.


[Kate] Inconclusive? That was funny.

Okay. You know what?

Let me answer that again.

Yes, I don't mind sharing the spotlight.

I'm gonna say you're a triple threat.

But I'm also gonna say Donald Glover

is also a triple threat.

I agree.

Now, are you a better actress, singer, dancer?

You know what, Childish? I love you.

But I think, yes. I would.

I mean, should I lie?

Is she telling the truth?

That's true. Yeah!

I love you, Childish.

While we were filming Glass Onion,

we would play Mafia and you often came dressed in costume.

Does the musical theater kid in you always go full out?

Indeed. Yes.

[Kate] Is she telling the truth?

That's true.

Yes. I can vouch for that too if you need that.

Does that mean you're extra?


Yes, absolutely.

[Kate] Yes.

Are you more extra than this person?

[Kate] Oh wow. Ooh.

Ooh, my dear friend Billy Porter.

Billy [laughs] Billy is extra in the best possible ways.

I would say, it depends on the day.

Is she not telling the truth?

It's not true.

You're not telling the truth.

Let me see. Am I...

No, I think Billy Porter's more extra than me.

He's been doing it longer.

He's the most extra.

What about this person?

Oh, Lady Gaga. I love her.

I think, I actually don't know.

I actually don't know.

Because I feel like when we started in the industry,

kind of like close together,

I was doing my version of extra

and she was doing her version of extra.

And I haven't given up on my extra

and I don't think she's given up on hers.

[Kate] Uh-uh.

[Kate] So? This is true.

[Janelle] Indeed.

What about this woman?


The Android herself? The Art Android.

What about that clone?

I will say this version of Janelle Monae is more extra.

Yes, that's true.


Was I the best at Mafia? Because-


I was?

Kate, you actually were the best at Mafia.

And we all talk about it and we're like,

Kate is the detective of us all.

I feel like, is this true?

I'm gonna get, I wanna do, I want to take this home.

Because this will make me...

[Janelle] [laughs] No, it is.

Because good feeling truths out of people.

You read, you're very intuitive,

and you also read body language very well.

You saw the shift. That's right.

And you pointed it out and you were right every time.

She's telling the truth.

This is true.

[Janelle] Indeed.

Okay. Who was the worst?

Daniel Craig.

[Kate] Hands down the worst. Hands down.

I think he gave up.

[Janelle] He did. - On one day.

Like within 30 seconds.

I don't think he even knew what we were playing.

He was like, I'm going to get a beer.

You were in Moonlight,

which won Best Picture Oscar in 2017.

The presenters mistakenly named La La Land the winner

before awarding the Oscar to Moonlight.

Do you think they messed up on purpose?

No, I don't.

I think it was an honest mistake.

Have you seen La La Land?


[Kate] Yes. Oh.

I have.

That's inconclusive.


No one will ever know.

You've worked with both Michelle and Barack Obama.


Did you ever go to a birthday party for Mr. President?

I will say that I went to a lot of parties.

You partied with Obamas?


Did you bring them a gift?

I did.

[Kate] What was it?

Me. [laughs]

No, they didn't want gifts.

It was, you know, they were in office.

They couldn't do a lot of things.

But let's just say like,

those were the best parties I went to in my life.

Oh fun! Is that true?

That's true.

Oh, fantastic.

Did you ask them for advice before you published your book

The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories of Dirty Computer?

I did not. I didn't.

I probably should have 'cause it was a lot of work.

So no.

My dearest, dearest friend, Janelle Monae,

did you lie at any point during this lie detector test

and we didn't catch you?


She's telling the truth.

Gotcha, Kate.

Because we both beat the lie detector test.

[Janelle] We did!

You think we're not gonna win against this machine?

[Sam] You beat the machine.

Beat the game every time you can, people.

Learn from Kate. Learn from me.

Don't let the game get you.

Starring: Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson

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