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stepping to the bad side

What Type of Villain Should Zendaya Play?

The two-time Emmy-winner recently revealed that she'd like to “tap into the evil, supervillain vibes” for a future project. 
more sandworms

Denis Villeneuve Still Has a “Dream” of a Dune Trilogy

In an interview with Empire, the director shares his plans for a third Dune film: “There are words on paper.” 
Exclusive First Look

The Book of Clarence Is a Bombastic Journey Back to the Biblical Era

Exploring many aspects of faith, Jeymes Samuel’s upcoming film centers on a regular guy living in the same town as Jesus, with a knock-out performance by LaKeith Stanfield.
an iron lady

How Golda Transformed Helen Mirren Into Golda Meir

A multipiece bodysuit and—yes—a few nose prosthetics were key.
Strike Exodus

Dune: Part Two Abandons 2023 Release Date Amid Hollywood Strikes

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya would have been blocked by the work stoppage from promoting the sci-fi epic.
vodka sauce chronicles

Sofia Coppola Wasn’t Psyched About Her Daughter’s Viral TikTok, Even Though She Thought It Was Funny

“Oh my god, now I’m the villain character,” she said of her role in her teenage daughters’ lives.
now streaming

New on Netflix: September 2023's Best New Movies & Shows

Head back to school next month with new seasons of Sex Education, Love Is Blind, and many more. 

First Republican Debate Recap: Climate, Abortion, Ukraine, and Of Course, Trump

The 2024 GOP hopefuls had an opportunity at tonight’s Republican debate to prove there’s an alternative to Trump. But did they deliver?
Teaser Trailer

Jena Malone's Spider-Alien From Rebel Moon Will Haunt Your Dreams

A new trailer also confirms the titles and release dates for Zack Snyder's two-part Netflix space saga.
grande news

Ariana Grande Debuts Wicked New Tattoo

Give the girl a hand (tattoo).
noses off

Bradley Cooper’s Maestro Nose Is A-OK With the Anti-Defamation League

The Anti-Defamation League has released a statement showing its support for Cooper and his decision to don a prosthetic nose to play Jewish composer Leonard Bernstein in Maestro. 

“That Escalated Quickly”: Inside Anchorman’s Epic Battle Sequence

An excerpt from Saul Austerlitz’s Kind of a Big Deal: How Anchorman Stayed Classy and Became the Most Iconic Comedy of the Twenty-First Century.

Blue Beetle Is One Superhero Movie Actually Worth Seeing

Though we’re sick of comic book adventures in general, an exception can be made. 

War of the Roses Reboot With Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Would Be ‘A Great Idea’: Alice Cooper

“Who wouldn’t go and see that?" the rocker asked about a remake of the 1989 comedy starring the former lovers.
the strikes

“Long-Term Damage”? Bob Iger, Ted Sarandos, and David Zaslav’s Bad-PR Summer

With Hollywood’s writers and actors on strike, studio bosses were obvious candidates to be cast as the villains. Some believe they played the role too well.
Old Hollywood Book Club

Shall We Dance? Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire’s Onscreen Romance

In complementary (and opposing) autobiographies, Rogers and Astaire explain the truth behind their big-screen magic.
What's Your Damage?

Emma Seligman Wants to Show “Really, Really Horny Female Characters”

The Shiva Baby auteur on her wacky queer teen fight club movie, Bottoms.
it's a barbie world

Margot Robbie Is Making a Ton of Money From Barbie

As star and producer of the smash-hit film, Robbie will reportedly make roughly $50 million, between salary and box office bonuses. 

How Long Will Hollywood Strikes Last? The Guesses Are Depressing

SAG-AFTRA and the WGA are still picketing. Five insiders share their theories about when we’ll have peace in our time.
Beach Off

Mark Ronson Claps Back at Bill Maher Over Barbie 

Ronson, the producer of Barbie: The Album, channeled Nicole Kidman’s iconic AMC ad when responding to Maher’s dislike of Barbie. 

Netflix Does Its Best Mission: Impossible Impression with Heart of Stone

Gal Gadot’s entertaining new action movie is meant to kick off a franchise.