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MSNBC Is Having Its Super Bowl With Donald Trump’s Indictments

The network’s mix of weighty reflection, analysis, and schadenfreude is drawing in major ratings, surpassing Fox News and CNN as the go-to network for coverage of Trump’s criminal charges.
Climate Change

Biden Can’t Keep Putting Off a Climate Emergency Declaration, Says One Democrat Leading the Charge

Earl Blumenauer, who has introduced multiple emergency resolutions, thinks the latest climate chaos presents an “opportunity” for the president to put words into action. “This is not just symbolic,” he tells Vanity Fair.
Levin Report

Prosecutors Ask If Trump Knew Giuliani Was Drunk as a Skunk on Election Night: Report

The former mayor’s alleged booziness could play a role at Trump’s federal election trial.

Gregg Berhalter Is Back. Can He End the Drama and Take the US Men's Soccer Team Forward?

In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, the returning US Soccer coach opens up about his difficult break from the team, patching things up with young star Gio Reyna, and, as the World Cup comes to the States in 2026, advancing to a round “that no US team has ever gone to.”

Vivek Ramaswamy Is Not Getting Much Love From Fox News

The biotech investor turned presidential candidate sparred with Sean Hannity over his foreign policy positions this week. But it seems like Hannity isn’t the only one at Fox News skeptical of Ramaswamy’s rising star.
Jacksonville Shooting

Unsurprisingly, Ron DeSantis Fails to Comfort Floridians in Wake of Jacksonville Shooting

Local leaders are calling out the Florida governor's dangerous anti-"woke" agenda in the aftermath of the racist attack. “He had a lot of audacity to come there after he lit the match and fanned the flames,” one state politician said.
2024 Election

Nikki Haley: Is She the Republicans’ Last, Best Hope for 2024?

In an uninspired GOP field, could the lone adult among the candidates have a shot at wresting the nomination from Donald Trump?

The Next Climate Change Calamity?: We’re Ruining the Microbiome, According to Human-Genome-Pioneer Craig Venter

In a new book (coauthored with Venter), a Vanity Fair contributor presents the oceanic evidence that human activity is altering the fabric of life on a microscopic scale.

Donald Trump’s Plan to Get Reelected and Pardon Himself Was Just Dealt a Serious Setback

His federal trial on charges of trying to overturn the election will take place next March. 

A Fourth Arrest and a Mug Shot Turned Out Pretty Well for Donald Trump’s Bottom Line

He may ultimately end up in prison, but he’s got money in the bank.
House GOP

Kevin McCarthy Suddenly Very Open to a Joe Biden Impeachment Push 

The House Speaker, who is currently battling to keep far-right members in line, said an impeachment inquiry would be a “natural step forward.”
Hot Seat

Jelani Cobb on J-School Sticker Shock, Education Wars, and the Trump Coverage Conundrum 

The celebrated New Yorker staff writer sat for a wide-ranging interview to kick off his second year as Columbia Journalism School’s first Black dean. “The fact that we have navigated through these kinds of civic crises before,” he says, “doesn’t mean we should have a blasé attitude about confronting one now.”

Jacksonville, Florida Gunman Kills Three in Racist Shooting

“He hated Black people," said local law enforcement about the white shooter.

Majority of Americans Want Trump Trial Before 2024 Election: Poll

51% of independents think the former president should do prison time, if convicted.

Vivek Ramaswamy, Beelining for the 2024 MAGA Vote, Is Listed As "Unaffiliated”

The biotech multimillionaire also appears to have misled voters about his presidential voting history.
Levin Report

Surprise: Trump Is Already Selling Mug Shot Merch

Who wouldn’t want to drink their morning coffee with Trump’s glowering face on it?
Trump Racketeering Case

Georgia Republicans Say They'll Move to Remove Fulton County DA Fani Willis From Office With New State Law

Amid calls for "civil war" and a newly-announced congressional probe into the Georgia prosecutor who indicted Trump, state GOP lawmakers in Georgia are calling on a newly-established commission to oust Willis from elected office. 

The Donald Trump Mug Shot Is Here

The photograph was taken, along with his height and weight, during his surrender at the Fulton County jail in Georgia today.
2024 Election

Fox News Debate Ratings: 12.8 Million Tuned In For a Trump-Free Face-Off 

The numbers surpassed industry expectations, even if down from the record-setter with Trump that kicked off the 2016 election cycle.