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2024 Election

Fox News Debate Ratings: 12.8 Million Tuned In For a Trump-Free Face-Off 

The numbers surpassed industry expectations, even if down from the record-setter with Trump that kicked off the 2016 election cycle. 

Trump Cans Top Lawyer in Georgia Case Hours Before Surrender Because Sure, Why Not

Drew Findling has been replaced by Steven Sadow.

Vivek Ramaswamy Kissed Up to Trump, and Trump Liked It

Trump declared the 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur the winner of the GOP debate.
Inside the Hive

How Donald Trump Got the Upper Hand on Fox News

The former president ditched this week’s first Republican debate, and with a commanding 2024 lead, he looks less dependent on the network tied to his political rise.

House Democrats Have a Vocal Joe Biden Cynic in Their Ranks. He Says He’s Not Alone

Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips is on a media tour calling for someone (who isn’t RFK Jr.) to challenge Biden in a primary. Will he inspire a dark horse candidacy, or just end up having elevated Biden’s weaknesses without a clear alternative?
2024 Election

Vivek Ramaswamy Got to Introduce Himself, but the GOP Debate Showed Donald Trump’s Power

At the end of the day, the Republican primary is a contest between Trump and Anybody Else, and almost everyone on that debate stage raised their hand in support of Trump.

First Republican Debate Recap: Climate, Abortion, Ukraine, and Of Course, Trump

The 2024 GOP hopefuls had an opportunity at tonight’s Republican debate to prove there’s an alternative to Trump. But did they deliver?

Giuliani Declares “I’m the Same Rudy Giuliani That Took Down the Mafia” Before Facing RICO Charge in Georgia

In related news, Donald Trump is hosting a $100,000-per-plate fundraiser for his alleged coup pal, after Giuliani’s attorney told a court last week that his client can’t pay his bills.

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Are Being Very Low-Key About Their Debate Counterprogramming

The pretaped interview reportedly almost didn’t happen, and we’ve noticed scant promotion around an event that’s seemingly meant to draw eyes away from the inaugural GOP debate.

Donald Trump is a Debate Winner Even Without Taking the Stage

The ex-president's lead in the Republican primary is so commanding he doesn't have to play the same game the other candidates do. 
2024 Election

Not Up for Debate: Republicans Can’t Quit Trump

As the twice-impeached ex-president dominates 2024 polls, one conservative media exec suggests that “changing the mind of the base is a nonstarter.”
Media Moves

More Executive Churn at the Daily Mail as Lord Rothermere Eyes a Telegraph Bid

Global chief brand officer Sean Walsh is exiting the UK tabloid juggernaut, the latest in a game of high-level musical chairs.
Levin Report

“Lunacy,” “Disaster,“ “Very, Very Bad”: Trump Has a Big Economic Plan for a Second Term and, Spoiler Alert, It’s Not Good

The ex-president wants to put an automatic tariff of 10% on all imports to the US, which economists from both parties warn would have terrible consequences.

DeSantis Board Nixes Free Disney Passes and Discounts for Employees, in Move Sure to Win the Governor Major Popularity Points

This will surely endear Ron DeSantis to both Florida residents and Americans across the country.

Vivek Ramaswamy Touched the Third Rail on Israel. He’s Surely Going to Hear About It on Debate Night

The rising Republican candidate suggested an eventual end to US military aid to Israel, prompting a strong rebuke from conservatives, including competitor Nikki Haley.

Republican Strategists Are Still Holding Out Hope for a Post–Donald Trump GOP

Trump will be a no-show at the first debate, creating an opening for the eight other candidates slated to appear onstage. But in a party where fealty to the front-runner appears to be the name of the game, can anyone truly have a breakout performance?

Kevin McCarthy Is Staring Down a Government Shutdown Unless He Gets His Party In Line

The House speaker's right flank is threatening to sink a bill that would help avert catastrophe unless the DOJ backs off of Donald Trump. Will McCarthy balk or buckle?

How Musk, Thiel, Zuckerberg, and Andreessen—Four Billionaire Techno-Oligarchs—Are Creating an Alternate, Autocratic Reality

In an excerpt from his new book, The End of Reality, the author warns about the curses of AI and transhumanism, presenting the moral case against superintelligence.
Levin Report

Rudy Giuliani: I Have “Scientific Evidence” the 2020 Election Was Stolen From Donald Trump

The former mayor and alleged coconspirator claimed such evidence is “very persuasive” and will prove both Trump’s and his innocence.

“Covering the Junior Varsity”: Political Reporters Prepare for a Trump-Less GOP Debate

It’s a split screen moment for the media as reporters this week juggle the 2024 wannabes onstage in Milwaukee and a no-show front-runner expected to surrender to authorities in Atlanta. “It’s really uncharted territory,” says one.