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Park Chan-wook Breaks Down 'Oldboy' Corridor Fight Scene

Park Chan-wook, director of the 2003 hit film 'Oldboy,' discusses everything about the intense hallway fight scene from the movie on its 20th anniversary. From determining the art direction with color tone to getting inspiration from medieval paintings for their props, Park Chan-wook gives you a detailed look inside how the iconic scene came to life. Director: June Kim On Set Producer: Kamin Kim Producer: Adam Lance Garcia AP: Rafael Vasquez DP: Youngwoo Choi Cam Op: ChulHoon Park AC: Hanra Kim Gaffer: Yongjae Lee Sound Recordist: Jongchae Sohn PA: Seunghee Choi Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds Editor: Cory Stevens Guest: Park Chan-Wook

Released on 08/18/2023

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