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Jenna Ortega & 'Scream 6' Cast Test How Well They Know Each Other

The cast of 'Scream 6' test who knows one another best in this episode of Vanity Fair Game Show. Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Melissa Barrera, and Mason Gooding spent ample time filming together but how much do they really know about each other? Director: Adam Lance Garcia Director of Photography: Brad Wickham Editor: Cory Stevens Talent: Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding Line Producer: Romeeka Powell Associate Producer: Rafael Vasquez Production Manager: Natasha Soto-Albors Production Coordinator: Jamal Colvin Senior Talent Manager: Tara Burke Camera Operator: Jake Robbins Audio Engineer: Sean Paulsen Production Assistant: Kameryn Hamilton Post Production Supervisor: Edward Taylor Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds

Released on 03/17/2023


Y'all, curious,

what's my biggest fear?

[laughs] Oh!

Not nipples, that's mine.

Yeah. Dying alone.

That is actually my biggest fear.



[upbeat funky music]

Hi, I'm Melissa.

Hi, I'm Jenna.

Hi, I'm Mason.

Hi, I'm Jasmin Savoy Brown.

We are the cast of Scream VI,

and we're gonna be testing how well we know each other

for Vanity Fair.

For Vanity Fair.

The first question is not Jenna.

What sport did I almost leave acting for?

Oh, I just found out

about this yesterday. Yeah.

Tap dancing?

I mean, tap is a sport. Is it?

It is a sport. Dancing is a sport.

But what's...

Oh, we're trying to beat each other here,

Yeah. so you're not gonna tell me.

I'm not gonna tell you. What do you think it is?

I know what it is.

Probably miming, clowning, or tapping.

Wait, where did you get tap dance from?

That is my... Look at her.

She's a natural tapper. [Jasmin laughs]

Why did you look offended?

You look like a tapper.

No, I think you just got it

in the previous guesses. Oh shit.

Okay, so I know

I can curse. what the answer is.

Do we go? Yeah.

But if I say it,

then she's gonna say the exact same thing.

Can they all say it at the same time?

[All] 1, 2, 3.

Clowning. Soccer.

What did you say?

[laughs] Soccer. No, he didn't.

I said soccer way earlier. No, you didn't.

Yeah, he did. He said...

No, he said...

We started, I was like, It's soccer.

I also said... And then you said tap,

and I was like, I don't think that's a sport even.

[Mason laughs] I said soccer/football

'cause I know it's technically football.

Football. How inclusive.

Le futbol. Okay, but...

I'm trying to make the transition.

But, in my defense, can you do a wing?

Probably. In tapping.

I think she can do anything. That's a no.

I can do a wing. [bell dings]

Okay, Melissa, just go.

All right, are you guys ready?

Yeah. Yes, ma'am.

No? No, you're not.

[laughs] Which Marvel film am I in?

You're in a Marvel film?

I'm a bad friend. Yes, you are.

It's not Ant-Man: Quantumania

'cause I just watched that, No.

It's not? and she's not in that.

No, it's...

I think she's Captain America.

No, I think it's animated.

Wait, read the question again.

I think it's your voice, right?

[laughs] Which Marvel film am I in?

Are you actually? [hand slapping]

No, I'm lying.

This all, [Mason laughs]

none of this was accurate. Guess the lie.

It's Two Truths and a Lie! Vanity Fair was not

on Wikipedia, I've never played soccer.

I've never... they were on Wiki-feet.

In fact, that's where they got their facts.

I'm dead, I had no idea.

I'm so glad I'm getting to know you so much better.

I have no idea.

So we might as well just shoot for the stars here.

I'm blanking on all the movies,

so I'm gonna say Iron Man 3. You have nothing to...

I'm going to say Captain America: Civil War.

Me too.

Mason is right.

It is Iron Man 3. What?

I don't know,

am I supposed to show this? How did you know?

You did know that.

You pretended you didn't know. I did know. [laughs]

How did you know that? What is your part in that?

[Melissa] And what are you?

I play the Vice President's daughter.

I am missing a leg,

which is part of the reason why he's part

of the evil force for-

Yeah. Whoa.

Wow. Very memorable.

How many Iron Mans are there?

There's three, and then they went

into the expanded universe,

and then he died.

But there will be another one.

Sorry. And they better bring her

back with her one leg.

What's my favorite day of the week?

Okay, I think they expect us to say Wednesday,

but I don't think that that's true.

Yeah. It is a bit

of a trick question.

I could picture a Sunday.

I feel like it's Thursday.

Or Thursday was my second option.

I feel like it's Thursday. Because I know

that, like, you love going to work,

but you also love wrapping,

'cause we all do, Yeah.

we love our weekend.

But also, I know sometimes we would shoot

But Friday's- on a Fraturday,

Yeah, Fraturdays suck. and we'd stay up

until 6:00 watching. Think I'm gonna do Tuesday.

Like, if we worked till 2:00,

we'd stay up till 6:00 AM watching the sunrise


and eating McDonald's. [laughs]

She hates all days of the week.


I feel like it's a bit of a trick question

because, obviously,

they all bleed into one another,

and I can't tell anymore. [funky deflated music]

They all just start Oh,

to look the same. that's brutal.

That was literally my third answer.

That's so funny.

I'm so annoyed I should have known.

I didn't trust my gut.

I should've known. That's really funny.

I cannot wait to see [upbeat funky music]

what questions Vanity Fair thought of.

Now we'll see how well you know me.

Here, Melissa, this is yours.

Which college did I go to?


NYU is also what I was gonna say.

NYU. Tisch.

Yeah, Tisch for acting, drama.


Matter of fact... What is wrong with you?

Okay, gimme an extra point

What's going on here? because I can name

the studio she performed in. I'm not competitive.

Uh, Strasbourg?


Take a point away. Oh, fuck.

Yeah, take it off. No!

Take it away! You take a point off,

I'll fucking bite you on the neck.

Take it away. I'm sorry.

Take it away.

Don't you dare. And give it to me.

I'll cause you bodily harm.

[laughs] I need this.

Thank you. Okay.

I don't even know the answer Okay.

to this question.

What is it? What's the meaning of life?

No. [laughs]

What role do Beyonce and I have in common?

Being two of the sexiest women alive.

That's fair.

Flawless. That's my final answer.

Flawless. [laughs]

I don't even know this.

Am I...

Carmen? Do I...

Oh! But I haven't seen

yours yet, and maybe it'll top that.

That's what it is.

Which reality TV show did I meet my husband on?

I knew this one! Oh, I knew the answer.

I don't know what it's called.

I knew you wouldn't know I don't know what

it's called, what it's called.

I just know it's a ballad. It's called...

You guys...

It was a love song. It was a singing

competition. Yeah.

It was a duet. [Jasmin sighs]

It was so romantic and sweet. Singles Inferno.

The Korean hit. [Jasmin laughs]

I'm not gonna know this one.

Well, but I remember what you sang.

You sang Jeremy's ballad from the Walter.

Yeah, from Walter and Jeremy.

That was the song From the ballad

that made us fall in love. of Walter and Jeremy.

Will you sing a piece of it?

I'm kind of a little hoarse right now.

Sing the verse. Sing...

Okay. [Mason snorts]

Well, I guess no one got it

because they didn't, actually. Yeah.

It's called La Academia.

That is literally Oh, I was

what I said. so close to that.

Okay. [bright peppy music]

It's me, Mason Gooding.


Alright, here we go.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Which villain did I play in the video game

Spider-Man: Miles Morales?

You should guess

last 'cause you actually know. I know the answer correctly,

but I'm not gonna say it

'cause they're gonna get it right.

Yeah, I actually don't know the answer.

Do you remember There's no way

that I'm gonna... Yeah, I know all of it.

both of her names?

I know that she... I've just seen her,

and it looks exactly like her.

Exactly like you.

Extra point if you know both names.

Is it a name kind of like Ringo?


No. I'm gonna say

something stupid I mean, kind of.

'cause I don't really have a...

I'm gonna say, like, Tess. I know what you mean.



You were kinda close.

You're on the right track. Tess?

I'm so mad that I don't play video games.

Well, keep going 'cause I might,

I don't know,

it might come to me. But Mason,

if you get both names.

Ringo Starr. I have to think

of her actual name,

but I know the villain name Maybe it starts with T,

like Tatiana.

I was closer with Tess. I mean, that's good.

Does it start with a T? Yeah, yeah.

One of the names does.

You're thinking of actual names.

The villain name is much sillier.

Oh, she's a villain.

Star. You're a villain.

No? That makes a lot

of sense, actually. Star?

No. [laughs] No,

but they just gave their answer,

Titan? so I can go now?

You played the Tinkerer. Yes.

And it was badass, Also called?

and you blew yourself up at the end.

But did I? Did I die? Phin Mason!

That's what it was! [hand slapping]

It's literally my name.

She might not have died. [Mason laughs]

Hey! That makes sense.

When's my birthday?

That felt very Jennifer Coolidge.

It was... You're in October...

Huh? I know the answer.

No, you're an Aries.

April... Can I answer?

'Cause I know it.

I genuinely- It's March 30th.

No, it's not.

Yeah, it is. No, it's not!

You're in April. I'm on the cusp.

March 23rd? Oh!

Oh! Closer.

22nd? Is it March,

something? Closer. [chuckles]

Yeah, I'm a March Aries. Is it tomorrow?

No, 'cause we're still in Pisces season.

Oh, oh, oh!

I didn't hear what

you just said. If she's on the cusp...

March 23rd? No, 22nd!

22nd or 23rd.

24! [Jasmin laughs]

It's March 21st.

It just goes to show [deflated horn music]

how much I know about astrology.


How very Libra of you.

What was the title of my first single?

That's the least streamed one.

[Melissa gasps]

[Jasmin laughs] Is that before

Orange Wine? That's not Orange Wine.

It's not Orange Wine? That was the second.

Wait, I know which one it is.

It's the electric one,

very inspired Oh!

by Angie McMahon.

Oh, is that the one with the...

No? Wait.

It was just me, two guitarists,

and a bassist. Is it a long title?

How many words?

One word? Two words?

One word.

Oh, oh, Crash!

Is it? It's Crash.

Crash. It's Crash.

Oh yeah, buddy. I was gonna act it out too.

The music video is her singing

in a booth. Yay!

[Mason scats] [Jasmin imitates popping]


In last place too. [quick bright music]

Nobody's perfect.

All right, Jaz.

Except for me. [laughs] [Jasmin claps]

At guessing these questions. Whatever the first

question is, the answer is Snow Dogs.

Good movie.

Hi, my name is Jasmin Savoy Brown.

I like long walks on the beach and a nook and cranny bar.

Y'all, curious,

what's my biggest fear?


Dying alone.

That is actually my biggest fear.



I don't care. I feel like...

I'll be alone I mean,

'til the day I die. how dark are

we gonna get here? I feel like

your biggest fear is-

Not nipples, that's mine.

Yeah. It's becoming

like someone in your life Or panda bears,

that's mine. that really let you down.

I saw you react a little bit weird when there was, like,

a Ghostface filter behind you.

Yeah. I don't think you like

Instagram filters. Sharing anything private.

You saw that?

This one's actually funny

'cause I'm pretty vocal about it.

I've mentioned it all the time

people ask. It's something really...

What? Not like a bug,

but I feel like it's something I mention it all the time.

the same... If you guys, like,

Cockroaches? paid attention, you'd know.

Hold on. Wait.

I feel like you jump a lot, though.

I feel like you're a

jumpy individual. Oh! You don't like...

Okay, if we're walking together,

and there's a pole, Oh! You're superstitious.

he doesn't want us to go split the pole.

He said, Never split, always stay together.

Yeah. He gets so upset

when we split. Yeah.

I don't like splitting from people I love,

but no, the answer is organized holes.

I have trypophobia.


Oh. Oh, we may have talked

about that, actually, Now I'm picturing things.

'cause you told me I might have that.

It's very scary.

Does it have to be holes? Are you okay?

Are we scaring you? Ah!

Are we freaking you out? I said that on a talk show,

and she put up this picture of SpongeBob,

and I was like, Oh my God!

And now people send me photos of SpongeBob,

and I'm like, Boo!


What's my dog's name? Iggy.

Iggy! Iggy!

We love her. Based off

of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Igranius. Igranium.

That's right!

Iggy. I think I should get

an extra point because I also named

the anime that it's from.

She did. But, I mean...

I thought it was after Iggy Azalea.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Don't give her an No.

extra point. JoJo's Bizarre...

Yeah, give it to her. [bell dings]

Give her two, give her two.

Oh, this sucks 'cause I lied in the answer that... [laughs]

What's my favorite scary movie?

[laughs] Babadook? No.

Maybe you like...

He's changed it like every other interview.

I'm with him all day. I know.


I mean, Scream is one of them.

Lion King. Yeah.

Like I said earlier, Snow Dogs.

Some anime movie? I knew it would be

one of the answers.


Alien? I'm trying to think

Is it Alien? of, like, a more classic...

Oh! I did actually...

Oh! Alien would be a good...



Jenna said Alien as well,

After I did! so give her one.

You weren't gonna say Alien.

I could have. She's hopping off of my...

Just make the winner.

Boom! [bell dings]

How about that?

Oh my goodness. [Jasmine growls]

I won. Oh, that was worth it.

Nevermind. Thank you.

[Producer] What was the most surprising thing

you guys learned today?

That you were in a Marvel movie.

Yeah, I didn't know that.

I didn't know there was an Iron Man 3.

Really? It's actually so good.

You should watch it. I'd say maybe

Jasmin's birthday. There you go.

[laughs] Jasmin's birthday.

March 21st. It's coming up.

Yeah. It's my month.

I don't know about surprising,

but the funniest answer was Jenna about the week,

Oh, right. that all the days

are bleeding together.

Really bummed me out, but in a funny way.

It's a little sad, but it's okay,

we all have therapists.

We're all here to talk.

Go watch Scream.

On the count of three, scream.

One, two, three.

Scream. [group yells weakly]

We almost harmonized.

Yeah, we did!

Starring: Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Melissa Barrera

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