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Movie and TV Show Reviews

Netflix Does Its Best Mission: Impossible Impression with Heart of Stone

Gal Gadot’s entertaining new action movie is meant to kick off a franchise. 

Red, White & Royal Blue Is the Dumb Gay Romance of Your Dreams

The bestselling novel is now an amiably silly movie. 

Passages Is Way More Than Just Its NC-17 Sex Scene

Ira Sachs’s smart study of romance in rot is one of the summer’s true gems.

Meg 2: The Trench Is Bigger, Sillier, and Better

This shark attack is less wack. 

Heartstopper Is Just as Swoon-Worthy in Season 2

Netflix’s hit series is back for another round of puppy love. 

The Nuclear Age Grimly Descends in Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan’s somber biopic is the antithesis of summertime studio popcorn. 

Barbie Is About as Good as a Barbie Movie Could Ever Be

Greta Gerwig’s film is more than an advertisement, but a little less than a dream.

Justified: City Primeval Delivers the Reboot We’ve Been Waiting For

With Timothy Olyphant in his prime and a great new cast surrounding him, the revival of FX’s great crime drama pulls off a pitch-perfect balance of fresh and familiar.

Joy Ride, the Raunchiest Comedy of the Summer, Could Be Raunchier

A raucous debut feature sends a group of American friends careening through China. 

Deadloch is the Feminist Crime Parody You Didn’t Know You Needed

This delightful Australian import, originally called Funny Broadchurch, starts off as a spoof before blooming into an addictive, hilarious thriller that stands on its own.

In Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, The Risks Mostly Pay Off

Filmed under trying and expensive conditions during a global outbreak, Tom Cruise’s next adventure makes the case for spectacle at almost any cost.

The Other Two’s Brilliant Final Season Ended on the Wrong Note

The bloated, earnest series finale to Max’s acclaimed sitcom missed the mark, betraying what made the show feel so fresh—and honest.

The Bear Season 2 Serves Chaos on a Plate, Thoughtfully

The FX/Hulu gem shines again in its sophomore season, fleshing out supporting characters (and bringing on several starry guest stars) as Carmy’s journey continues.

Jennifer Lawrence Makes It Look Easy in No Hard Feelings

The supposedly bawdiest comedy of the year is actually pretty tame. 

And Just Like That Finds Its Footing in Season 2

Or maybe we’ve just lowered our expectations. 
state of the union

The Flash Is the Past; Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Is the Future

Viewed back-to-back, these dueling multiverse sagas show what’s gone wrong with superhero movies—and how the genre can be saved.

Black Mirror’s Odd Future Feels Stuck in the Past

Maybe Charlie Brooker should have waited even longer before bringing back his dystopian Netflix anthology.
Year in Review

The Best Movies of 2023, So Far

Vanity Fair chief critic Richard Lawson lists the best movies of 2023 to date, from Past Lives to Scream VI.

In Disney’s American Born Chinese, Asian-American Storytelling Has a Conversation With Itself

The new Disney+ series retrofits the ancient adventures of Sun Wukong with old school Easter Eggs, modern identity politics, and a rather tender coming-of-age.
cannes 2023

Wes Anderson Gets Back to Basics, Beautifully, in Asteroid City

The director’s layered latest is his best film in years.
Cannes 2023

Showbiz, Not Sex, Sells The Idol 

HBO’s hotly anticipated new Sam Levinson show is more straightforward than expected.