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Riley Keough Looks Back at 12 Photos From Her Life

Riley Keough, Vanity Fair's September cover star, reflects on pivotal moments in her life and career. From her first runway show when she was 14 years old to honoring her late grandfather Elvis Presley at the hand ceremony alongside mother Lisa Marie Presley and grandmother Priscilla Presley, the actress gives her reframed perspective on how the moments defined her. SAG-AFTRA members are currently on strike; as part of the strike, union actors are not promoting their film and TV projects. This video was conducted prior to the strike. Director: Max Bartick Director of Photography: Bradley Wickham Editor: Cory Stevens Producer: Madison Coffey Associate Producer: Rafael Vasquez Production Coordinator: Natasha Soto-Albors Camera Operator: Alfonso Gaffer: Meicen Meng Audio Engineer: Lily Van Leuwen Production Assistant: Rowmel Findley Post Production Supervisor: Edward Taylor Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

Released on 08/08/2023


Crazy fun fact.

Zoe and I's parents were friends when we were really little,

so we would hang out as Nepo babies literally.


Hi, I am Riley Keough and today

I'm going to be revisiting some photos from my life.

[light music]

This is Reframed.

I feel nervous.

I don't know what's coming for me right now,

so I'm a little anxious,

but I'm excited and this is very cool.

Oh my God, Hanson.

This was like, the best day of my life.

That's my brother and that's me,

and I was like the biggest Hanson fan.

I mean I think every girl

was probably the biggest Hanson fan, but I was like,

truly, like, huge fan.

And my mom took us backstage in New York

and we got to meet Hanson.

And I think at the time I like, I loved Zach Hanson.

I had a Zach and Taylor moment and I think this was Zach.

I'd cut my hair here, but I looked like Hanson,

a lot, and I remember being a fan of them,

but also going like,

I feel like also this could be my family.

I follow them on Instagram.

They don't follow me back.

Okay, this is really sweet.

This was also really cringe.

This was my very first fashion show,

walking in a fashion show for Dolce & Gabbana.

I would've been like, 14 and I remember, I was very nervous,

and I remember they were playing like,

I think it was Cream by Prince.

It was a big moment for my 14-year-old self.

My whole life was pretty public,

but I think this probably felt like the first time

that I was like, doing something alone,

as opposed to like a family thing.

I keep thinking this is a microphone

and I'm supposed to be talking to it.

Oh, this is a good narrative,

'cause now we're with Dior

and we're walking in the Dior show

and she's grown up a little bit.

She's a little older.

She probably is walking a little better.

The one thing I remember about this show is that like,

a lot of the girls had to wear hair pieces

or like, it took a lot of work to get their frizz out

like that, and mine was like,

it's just like natural 'cause my hair is really frizzy.

Okay. I was very nervous here.

This was so weird.

Like I don't know why I was so nervous.

I was just presenting.

But Zoe and I, who's a very good friend of mine,

we got asked to present together for like, an MTV thing,

and I think we just had to be like, here's Vampire Weekend.

And I remember being so nervous.

I don't know why.

I get stage fright, like, when I'm myself.

Crazy fun fact.

Zoe and I's parents were friends when we were really little,

so we would hang out as Nepo babies literally.


And like, our parents like breastfed us next to each other.

Yeah, so we met a long time ago,

but we re-met when I was probably 17.

I think it was like a house party in LA.

We had a lot of mutual friends

and we just became very good friends

and then we did Mad Max together

and she's like a lifelong childhood friend.

Wow. This is very cute.

So this was my very first movie premiere.

I was maybe 19 or 20 or something.

And I'm with Kristen and Dakota and Joan.

It was for The Runaways.

This was the first movie I ever booked

and it was with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning,

who at the time were like,

the most famous people in the world.

And I was probably like, ugh.

Which is that vibe.

I think they thought I like, didn't wanna hang out,

but I was just really nervous.

But yeah, now Kristen

is a very good friend of mine and Dakota.

Haven't seen Joan in a while, but she's cool.

Okay. I'm nervous but here we go.

This was a music video I did with Justin Timberlake

where I was playing the like, love interest.

I had to like, be in a toxic relationship

with Justin and fight around the kitchen,

and then I hit him with a pan.

I remember it was like a role

that they sent out to the agencies that was like,

we need an actor for this because there's acting involved,

because I get really angry

and throw some beans or something.

I can't remember.

Yeah, it was just very cool.

I mean it's like again, like, my teenage dream.

Like it's crazy to like,

be in a video with Justin Timberlake.

I think I was like, this is crazy, you know?

Just a moment of like, wow, I made it.

No, I'm just kidding.

This is the war rig in Mad Max: Fury Road

where I spent many, many, many months

sitting with these guys.

Probably one of the most life-changing experiences

of my life thus far.

I was in Namibia for seven

or eight months shooting this crazy movie

and made like, some of my best lifelong friends

and had a really wild experience.

We would just do these really long days in the desert

and just be in the war rig and you know,

it felt like what you see in the movie.

Just like very intense

and then go home and all hang out together.

I met my husband.

When we were shooting,

the crew was so huge and there were so many stunties.

I kind of was like, oh, like, he's kind of cute.

I asked him to go to teach me how to surf,

which is really funny

'cause like I have no interest in learning how to surf now.

But I was like, told him I was gonna surf

and like, do all these things with him

and I like pretended I was this like,

cool like beachy girl and no.

None. I catfished him.

This is a scene from a movie I did

called Under the Silver Lake

with Andrew Garfield and I'm looking at the sky.

This was a very cool movie to film

because it was in Los Angeles

and I've only ever been able to film three things

in Los Angeles, which is where I live.

Didn't have a lot to do in this movie 'cause I,

spoiler alert, I disappear.

But I do have a memory on this set

where it was actually very stressful.

I was in the makeup trailer

and I was eating like, a granola bar or something,

and I was about to shoot a scene where I have to kiss Andrew

and the makeup lady was like, Are there peanuts in that?

And I was like, I think, I don't know.

And then she like, ran away

and got the producer who's a friend of mine

and producer came in and was like,

Reilly, like, Andrew's very allergic to peanuts

and we have to shut the set down

and they shouldn't have been

at Craft and I don't know why they're on set.

Yeah. And I was just kinda like,

oh fuck, like, that's crazy.

But also thank God that this woman caught it.

'Cause I had no idea.

This is me with two people who I love very dearly,

Taylour Paige and Janicza Bravo shooting Zola.

I spent a lot of time with Janicza,

kind of trying to understand exactly what she wanted,

'cause on the page the character was like,

totally outrageous and Janicza's kind of like,

allowed me to go as far as I wanted

and didn't kind of pull me back in,

which was a really fun experience.

There was like one day where we were shooting a scene

between Nick Braun and I,

and I have to throw,

I have to throw a phone at him and I threw it so hard

on this take and it went and hit him in the balls.

And I felt, like, I've never felt so bad.

Like I, I was like, oh, fuck.

We cut, and he was like, he came up to me and he was like,

Did you do that on purpose?

I was like, I swear to God I did not do that.

It was, it was an accident and I'm so sorry.

And he was really hurt.

Like, I really hurt him.

It's not funny at all, but it was just funny

that he thought I did it on purpose.

If you're watching Nick, I promise it was an accident.

Oh, you guys are gonna make me cry with some of these.

So this was for the Elvis movie,

one of the things that we got to do

on this beautiful experience was put our hands

outside of Mann's Chinese theater in the ground,

and we all got to do it together.

My mom, my grandmother and my sisters and I,

and Baz and Austin were there to like, introduce us.

And my brother wasn't able to be there

so we did like, his signature too.

And I mean, it was very emotional.

It was like,

I don't think you can watch a film about your family

without it just being incredibly personal experience.

This was Vanity Fair. Woo!

Got to wear this beautiful dress that I loved very much

and my husband was there.

He's there staring at me.

It's very overwhelming.

You see so many people you know

and it's kind of hard to take in

'cause it's such a big night and there's so much going on.

I love fashion, I love clothes,

I love getting to work with my hair and makeup team

'cause they're so wonderful and creative,

but they're also friends.

And so it's like a very fun experience

'cause you're kind of getting to hang out

with your friends and then you're going out for the night.

This is a good one.

This is me on stage with Sam Claflin

and Josh Whitehouse and Sebastian and we're playing

in our band Daisy Jones and The Six.

Very dear to my heart

and I love these people very much,

and all the music stuff we shot

over a period of two weeks and we were doing night shoots,

so we were kind of up all night.

Starting work at like 7:00

and going home at 9:00 in the morning.

I spent like about a year working with coaches,

vocal coaches and guitar lessons and piano lessons.

And then spent a lot of time in the studio

with Blake Mills and Tony Berg and yeah,

I mean we we had a lot of rehearsal.

It was like, very intense

and I certainly wasn't able to sing

the way I am able to in the show when we started.

This is weird.

I like, wanna cry at all these photos

and I sort of feel like it's like my eulogy.

It's really also fun to talk about photos in this way,

because I feel like my relationship with photos

is like scrolling in Instagram and a photograph

used to be like, a moment captured

and it was this sort of spectacular thing

that you have this picture

of this thing that happened.

And now I feel like our relationship with photos

is just like, isn't as impactful.

And so to sit down and look at photos and go okay.

To really have a moment with them is really special.

I'm really grateful for this experience

and so thank you Vanity Fair.

[light music]