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Travelin' Man

How to Travel Like Jaden Smith

“I just wear the same clothes a lot,” Smith, who recently launched Harper Collective, a new sustainable luggage brand made from recycled sea plastic, tells Vanity Fair.

The Brief Death (and Short Rebirth) of Lil Tay

Just after her 16th birthday, the 2018-era social media phenomenon returned to the spotlight with a perplexing death hoax. In the aftermath, former associates see the handiwork of her brother, who developed the persona that first brought her fame.

Lizzo’s Lawyer, Marty Singer, Goes on the Offensive

Hollywood’s favorite attorney alleges that photos and videos of the three dancers suing the pop star prove “glaring contradictions between what the plaintiffs claim in their bogus lawsuit and what is actually proven by the facts.”

Millennial Boyhood Was Way More Messed Up Than We’d Like to Remember. Alex Kazemi’s Debut Novel Won’t Let Us Forget.

Against the backdrop of our current Y2K nostalgia overload and the creeping manosphere discourse, New Millennium Boyz connects the dots back to the Columbine generation.
vodka sauce chronicles

Sofia Coppola Wasn’t Psyched About Her Daughter’s Viral TikTok, Even Though She Thought It Was Funny

“Oh my god, now I’m the villain character,” she said of her role in her teenage daughters’ lives.

Prince Harry Is Making Another Trip to the UK Right Before The Anniversary of The Queen’s Death

The prince will attend the annual WellChild Awards in person on September 7 but he is reportedly traveling without Meghan Markle.
timmy time

Looks Like Timothée Chalamet Had a Very Nice Summer

Now featuring: Greta Gerwig! Also a dog!

Larissa Mills Is Keeping Mother-Daughter Relationships in Style

Mills may not be your average influencer, but her popular OOTD videos and close relationship with her college-age daughter make for the perfect fit.

Elite Music Tourism Is the Latest 1 Percent Flex

Music festivals were once a cost-saving solution for fans; now wealthy concertgoers are looking for more than just a show, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Aubrey Plaza to Make Her Stage Debut Alongside Christopher Abbott in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

“As I read it, I knew we had to do it,” Plaza tells Vanity Fair. “It is so fun and juicy, and the characters are tragic and beautiful.” 
From the Magazine

Sofia Coppola on Trusting Her Intuition, Dealing With Career Disappointment, and Jeffrey Eugenides’s Reaction to The Virgin Suicides

In her new book, the Oscar-winning director opens up her archives, from The Virgin Suicides to Priscilla; here, she opens up to VF about a quarter century of filmmaking.
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Whoopi Adresses the “Lesbian Vibes” Raven-Symoné Senses In Her

“Women have been asking me this for as long as I've been around.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Shallow Hal Stunt Double “Almost Died” Due to Malnutrition

In a new interview with the Guardian, Ivy Snitzer recalls that in her darkest moment in the years after the comedy premiered, “I was so thin you could see my teeth through my face and my skin was all gray.”
solid silver

Beyoncé Unlocks New Level of Virgo With Monthlong Dress Code for Fans

All she wants for her birthday is your exacting obedience to her color palette. 

Prince William and Princess Kate Are on the Cover of a Magazine About Mountain Rescues

The magazine for the members of William’s patronage Mountain Rescue of England and Wales includes never-before-seen photos from the couple’s April engagement when they made themselves useful during a training exercise.

“I Wanted to Tell My Truth”: Coco Jones Takes Vulnerability on Tour

After touring, the R&B hitmaker is preparing for a return to the studio. “I am a hard worker. I am a dedicated, passionate, competitive girl. I want to see myself win, I want to see women who look like me win,” she tells Vanity Fair.
alright alright alright

Camila Alves's Relationship with Matthew McConaughey's Mom Is Straight Out of a Rom-Com

“She did all these things when I first came in the picture,” Camila Alves McConaughey said. “She was really testing me.”

Delaney Rowe Isn’t Trying to Be Cringe

“I’m trying to be authentic, and then hopefully that induces discomfort,” the actor turned TikTok personality tells Vanity Fair of the inspiration behind her spot-on sketches that parody onscreen tropes.
From the Magazine

Audra McDonald Answers the Proust Questionnaire

Broadway’s Tony favorite holds forth on her loves (cookies) and her loathings (cruelty—and also beets).

Emily Maitlis Opens Up About Her Notorious Interview With Prince Andrew: “Someone Always Gets Fired”

In a new documentary, the former BBC journalist describes her preparations for the viral Newsnight interview that led the prince to step down from his royal role.