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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: The Cab Hunt

In the series finale, trying to hail a cab in New York makes for a grand cinematic sequence.

Released on 08/18/2023


[Rose] I don't understand

why you didn't have Antonio hail us a cab.

There were no cabs to hail, Rose.

Of course not.

You didn't let him blow the whistle.


The cab whistle.

When he blows the whistle, the cabs appear.

They have to already be there to hear the whistle.

The whistle is not magic.

Antonio is not a wizard.

This is not Narnia.

[Rose] Oh, dear.

Ugh, now we know

why there were no cabs in front of the building.

They are all here.

Find a light.

I don't see a light.

Do you have a whistle?

Hello, cab person. Yoo-hoo.

Excuse me. 30 Rockefeller Center.

No fares.

Why not?

Shift change.

[Rose] What did he say?

He's not taking fares.

Because you didn't use the whistle.

[Cabbie] I'd try the subway, pal.

Excuse me. Are you available?

[Cabbie] Nope. Shift change.

[Rose] Excuse me. We need a cab.

Hey, that was my foot you almost ran over.

Excuse me. Are you available?

Nope. Excuse me.

Taxi. Excuse me. We need a cab.

[Cabbie] Shift change, lady.

[Rose] I don't understand

why you'd all change shifts at the same time.

How are people supposed to get around?

Hello, there. Are you available?

We're going to 30 Rockefeller Center.

I wish you luck. Excuse me.

We need a cab. We do not have a whistle.

[Cabbie] Sorry, lady.

Excuse me. We need a cab.

I know there's a shift change going on...

[Rose] Excuse me. My daughter's gonna be on television.

I just found out.

I will pay you $10 to not change shifts.

Nope. She called me

and the phone was off the hook,

which I had no idea was happening.

But my grandchildren can reach it now if they stand...

I have $10, if you don't change shifts.

Nope. Sorry. [Abe grunts]

[Rose] Relationship since her husband left her

and she became a comedian,

which I was hoping wasn't the case, but...

$20 to give us a ride plus whatever the ride costs.

And if someone in your family needs tutoring

in advanced Algebra or differential equations

or a favorable theatrical review in the Village Voice,

I can make that happen as well.

What is wrong with the taxi industry?

I offered this man money and services.

I offered that one my wedding ring. Nothing.

And still he...

Wait, what?

He looked at me like I was insane.

How could you offer him your wedding ring?

That belonged to my great-grandmother.

Abe, don't try to change the subject.

What the? That was an heirloom.

It was priceless. She wouldn't even wear it.

She sewed it into a wig so no one would steal it.

Bus. I see a bus.

I wish we had that whistle.

Oh, please stop the bus. Wait. Wait.

[Rose] Stop it now.

Stop. Do not move.

[Abe] Excuse me.

[Rose] Excuse me, Mr. Bus Driver.

[Abe] Excuse me.

[Rose] My daughter's going to be on television.