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In this episode of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Ashley Firmstone, senior vice president of customer success at Rokt, the global leader in e-commerce technology. Listen in as Firmstone discusses the solutions Rokt provides for retailers (1:02), how the technology company helps improve the shopper purchase journey (4:10), and how improving the online customer experience (CX) can positively impact e-commerce businesses (5:35). She shares how Rokt works with retail media networks (RMNs) (8:40) and the business benefits of executing a RMN properly (12:27).

In addition, Firmstone discusses Rokt's new payments marketplace tool (14:56), what the e-commerce checkout page looks like with this solution in place (17:42), and the unique end user experience (UX) (19:40). She shares how the technology company is promoting charitable giving through its payments marketplace tool (21:45), the growth opportunities she's most excited about at Rokt (25:07), and her advice for how retailers can keep up with ever-changing customer expectations (27:30).

Ashley Firmstone joined Rokt in 2014 as an account manager, helping the customer success team find solutions to help Rokt establish its U.S. presence and grow the business globally. Since then, she has become a leader for the GTM team that's passionate about developing customer-centric e-commerce strategies in collaboration with industry leaders. Ashley has been a true Rokt’star for eight years and counting, and has become an integral part of Rokt’s team as the senior vice president of customer success in the New York office.

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